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Monday 6:15-7:15pm Macquarie
  6-8pm Barton (Telopea)*
Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm Holder
  6-7pm Belconnen*
Thursday 6-7pm Belconnen*
Friday 6:15-7:15pm Holder
  6-8pm Barton (Telopea)*
What Our Members Say...
  • 2 years ago, I was introduced to Taekwon-do by a close friend. My first impressions were how amazingly well-mannered the younger students were. As a father of 3 under 10 this is something I noticed immediately! I started my journey with Fusion and over time I got 2 of my children involved in training with Instructor Nick at Fusion. They now love training twice a week after school and practicing constantly. I love that they get a great mix of physical education, appropriate discipline and the feeling of accomplishment from learning the art of Taekwon-do. The skills they learn will always serve them well, and I encourage other parents to come along and try Taekwon-do with their kids.

    - Robert, Fusion Parent & Student

  • "I like to going to Taekwon-do because it is fun and I learn new skills and play interesting games"

    - Oliver (age 9)

  • "Our three children have been learning Taekwon-do with Fusion Martial Arts for nearly two years now and we could not be happier! Our children have learnt a range of valuable skills (including strong discipline) and improved their self-confidence, coordination and core body strength. Fusion Martial Arts has inspired our children to apply themselves in a diligent manner and we have been particularly impressed by Nick's dedication. Nick consistently puts a great deal of effort into his classes and is finely attuned to his student's needs. We would thoroughly recommend Fusion Martial Arts to anyone."

    - Zoe, Fusion Parent

  • "Nick is a good teacher who loves doing it and helps us a lot"

    - Sarah (age 12)

  • "If someone asks Nick a question, he listens and if he does not know the answer he will look it up for us.  He doesn't just ignore us"

    - Benjamin (age 9)

Student & Instructor Resources

These resources are provided in PDF format for easy printing and portability (for use on your iPad, eReader, etc). All of the document and image resources below are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution And ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 3.0), which basically means that these works may be printed, handed out to students, emailed, posted on your website and even edited (even for commercial use) provided the copyright notices are retained in full at no charge.

If you would like an editable copy of any of these resources (including images in SVG), please send a request (why?). We provide editable copies to everyone who request them.

The Blue Book - Condensed Chang Hon (ITF) Patterns Download

We have always found the Encyclopedic descriptions of the patters to be very dense and quite hard to absorb, especially while you are preforming the pattern. During his transition into Chang Hon (ITF) pattern system, Instructor Nick extracted this information and translated it into a standard structured layout. The Blue Book is the result of his efforts.

The Blue Book does not attempt to replace the Encyclopedic descriptions; rather its intended to be used as a "cheat sheet" to help remind students the movements of their patterns. For example: Step #9 of Do-San, the Encyclopedic description states:

9) Move the left foot to E, turning counter clockwise to form a left walking stance toward E while executing a high side block to E with the left outer forearm.

This has been transformed into:

Body Movement
(Eyes To; Diagram Direction)
Feet In
Leg   Section   Leg Technique
(Stance To; Diagram Direction)
Arm   Section   Arm Technique
(Arm Technique To; Diagram Direction)

9 Turning L 270° (3:00;E) L>R;L L Walking Stance L High Side Outer Forearm Block H

Some information has been compressed while other information has been added. Also note that in addition to diagram directionality ("E" in the example above), direction is also described in relation to a clock face (the student faces 12:00 at the start of the pattern). At Fusion Martial Arts, we have had great success using The Blue Book as both an in-class aid as well as a student handout to assist in home training.

The Gray Book - Stances Download

As with The Blue Book above, The Gray Book has given a standard structured layout to the descriptions of the stances provided within the Encyclopedia. The Gray Book also takes the information about stances and presents it in a number of different ways in order to assist learning.

In addition to the text-based descriptions, there are tables representing which stances exhibit specific attributes (weight distribution, foot angles, etc.) as well as The Periodic Table of Taekwon-do Stances. Additionally, relationships between the stances have been highlighted; such as L-Stance and Fixed Stance being related to Vertical Stance and Rear-Foot Stance due to their similarities of shape, facings and foot angles. Lastly, the foot placement diagrams have been redesigned to allow for easier identification of the lengths as well as where they are measured from (these images are available in large format and SVG upon request for use in your own training materials, at no cost).

The Periodic Table of Taekwon-do Stances Download

A "Periodic Table" is a tabular display of related items organized on the basis of their properties. Taking inspiration from chemistry's Periodic Table of the Elements, Instructor Nick created the The Periodic Table of Taekwon-do Stances. Organized by measurement, facings, default arm positions, lineage/relationships to other stances; visually representing weight distribution and foot angles; and employing a number of mnemonic devices ("I see thou", "STance", colors, etc.) The Periodic Table is an excellent resource for students to learn and remember the various characteristics of Taekwon-do stances.

The Green Book - FMA Student Manual & Syllabus Download

Each Fusion Martial Arts student is given a printed copy of this Student Manual and Syllabus to assist them in learning the protocols and Taekwon-do theory. Included within The Green Book are expanded explanations and definitions for the Student Oath, the Five Parts of the Physical Composition, the Five Disciplines; Korean word definitions and pronunciation guide; as well as general information about protocols, Gup/Dan levels and even a parable to help you remember how to correctly tie your belt.


Gup Patterns & Exercises

Why are we willing to give our hard work away?

Fusion Martial Arts chose to use the Creative Commons Attribution And ShareAlike (CC BY-SA 3.0) for a number of reasons. Instructor Nick is a computer programmer who works with many pieces of software, code and ideas that have been freely shared by their authors. Sharing in this way has allowed him to accomplish far more as a programmer than he would have been able to on his own. In turn, Instructor Nick has also shared programs, code and ideas back to the community. Thanks to sharing his own work, he receives feedback and collaboration that would not have occurred otherwise. This input provided by individuals from around the world has helped Instructor Nick become a better programmer.

In Taekwon-do as in life, we truly stand on the shoulders of giants. If it were not for the works and ideas of those who came before us, everyone would have very little. It is due to this belief, due to our appreciation of General Choi Hong Hi’s efforts, due to our indomitable spirit and due to the personal experiences of our own Founding Members that requires us to openly share the works and ideas we create with our fellow students. When we help others become better Taekwon-do students, we become better students ourselves.

What we ask in return is that you do not claim this work as your own, that like us you share your work with others and (if you feel so inspired) give us feedback and offer any improvements in order to make these works and ideas better.

We are not giants nor are we likely to become giants, but we would be honoured if you would stand on our shoulders.